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Delahaye 135 W Chapron

Delahaye 135 W Chapron

  • Precio: POA
  • Marca: Delahaye
  • Año: 1935
  • Modelo: 135 W Chapron
  • Cambio: Manual
  • Combustible: Gasolina
  • Nº de plazas: 2

Delahaye 135 W Chapron.

- This car is a very early 135 and not much is in the historical archives of the factory or in the automobile clubs archive. 
- Most cars are designated as 135M this is 135W. It is the only 135W anyone I know or questioned has ever heard of. The W as stated by other experts was obviously intended to denote that it was equipped with a Wilson Pre-selector transmission. Again, this is a very early 1935 according to what we learned from the French Automobile Club. 
There is no body builder tag found anywhere and could have been lost over the years. When the car gets paint stripped it will reveal 2 holes somewhere that will point to the coach builder by default, but we don’t know for sure who it is at this point.
- The French Automobile Club reviewed the car and came to a conclusion that the body must likely have been built by Chapron. I did many studies comparing the cues and design elements of every Delahaye I could find in a dozen old and new books in my library and felt strongly that it was Chapron as well.
- It has a beautiful body and yet not flashy and deco elaborate like a Figoni, nor plain Jane like Pennock of Holland.
- The car has all of its factory parts and nothing is missing. You see it how the present owner got it a few years ago, with a few pieces removed in a half ass start at paint restoration, evidently by an amateur. Good news, he didn’t get too far. 
- It has its original Vin tag and engine, transmission and rear differential. It runs and drives as well. 
- It has a shorter chassis than the long chassis cars and a longer chassis the the short wheelbase cars. It is somewhat of an anomaly and it quite unique, even as per the FAC. 
- All of the wood interior is original and in amazing condition as are instruments and switch gear. The interior is well intact and has likely been dome a while back.
- It has the beautiful rear wheel spats with a nice curved bottom for the knock off wheel access. Very stylish, as well as having the elegant covered spare tire recessed into the trunk.
- It has beautiful bumpers, grill and fender mounted headlights as well as side vented hood panels not shown here.
- Body is sold as a rock, un-rusted and un-hit as is he chassis. I have fully inspected it.


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